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Curable Reducer – 1 Gallon

Curable Reducer was designed to reduce the viscosity of an ink to make the ink easier to print. Curable reducer is curable by itself so you can add as much as you need without the worry of your ink not curing.

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Long Life Nylon Bonding – 1 Quart

Long Life Bonding Agent was formulated to have a longer pot life (compared to other catalysts) after mixing it into an ink. An ink mixed with Long Life can last up to 6 weeks, while most other catalysts reduce the pot life of an ink to 6 hours.

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Low Cure Additive - 1 Gallon


  • Garments prone to dye migration
  • Heat-sensitive materials such as non-woven
  • Help reduce energy costs by curing at lower temperatures


  • Reduces curing temperatures of most plastisol inks down to 300 F or less

Technical Data Sheet

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Puff Additive – 1 Gallon

Puff additive was designed to allow a printer to add to an ink to provide a raised, puff effect. Surface is slightl rougher compared to the suede effect.

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Reducer #2 – 1 Gallon

Reducer #2 reduces the viscosity of an ink to make an ink easier to print. Reducer #2 breaks down the thickest of inks with ease at the lower loadings than most other reducers. This reducer does NOT cure like their curable reducer. Additions should be done causiously to not exceed the maximum level.

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