F180 Transfer Adherent Powder

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TPU-AP-500 is multi-purpose Thermoplastic Polyurethane Hot Melting Transfer Adherent Powder.  Extra-fine-ground TPU-500-AP specifically helps plastisol transfer to bond onto Cotton, Nylon, Acetate Rayon, Polyester, PVC and finely woven synthetics.


  1. For Plastisol Heat Transfer,  TPU-500-AP is simply sprinked on the transfer after printing.  Once fused, the treated transfer can be applied to al textil substrates.  TPU-500-AP will not cause discoloration or shinkage. Transfer remains permanently bonded under normal washing and drying conditions.
  2. For Foil Transfer Adhesive.  In order to imporve adhesion, flexibility. abrasion resistance, and washability,  TPU-500-AP may be added by 10-15't% of standard Fusion 180 plastisol.
  3. For Solvent Ink Heat Transfer,  TPU-500-AP can be used as backing adhesive to apply multi-color solvent ink print of proces color print for nylon, polyester, and other hard to adhere substrates.


  1. Colors remain bright.
  2. Fine lines don't get lost or pulled off.
  3. Ready to use.
  4. Provides durable and tenacious bond.