XOLB-155 OPTIMUM WHITE - Five Gallon

$250.00 each


XOLB-155 Optimum White is a highly opaque White ink designed for printing on 100 % Cotton and Cotton/Poly Blends. Due to its opacity, this ink provides excellent coverage even on dark garments. The Optimum White has a creamy body that is smooth flowing and provides good fiber mat down properties. This ink can be used as stand-alone White or as an underbase depending on your needs. Optimum White is a utility white ink with good low bleed strength, and is fast shearing.


Print through fine meshes without adding modifiers.

Fast flashing provides shorter dwell times, higher throughput

For use on automatic or manual press.

Brand URL : http://www.qcminks.com/ink-product/xolb-155-optimum-white/

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