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Step 1 - Ink Remover

Ink Remover

Remove ink with your choice of SAATI ink removers depending on your application. Quality Screen Supply is always available to assist with making the correct choice for you reclaim needs.

Step 2 - Emulsion Remover

Emulsion Remover

Use SAATI Remover ER2 Concentrated emulsion remover for spray or dip tank application, whatever you prefer.

Step 3 - Haze Remover & Degreaser

Stain Remover Degreaser

One popular method for reclaiming screens is to apply SAATI Remove HR6 as the third and final step to reclaim.  Haze Remover 6 is a non-hazardous stain remover and degreaser.  Used as directed, HR6 leaves your screen ready to coat. 

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