Have you been looking for a way to lower the cost dip of tank chemicals?

Quality Screen Supply is pleased to introduce two SAATI products perfect for use in a dip tank application.

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IR26 - Ink Remover 26 - Five Gallon

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Dilute with water 50/50 to cut costs in screen reclaim

Performance: Use as a powerful non-hazardous ink and stain remover

Applications:: Reduce shop chemicals and recycling costs by using IR26 diluted with water to clean squeegees  

Versitile:  Recommended to clean solvent-based, UV-cured & textile inks


  • Flash Point>200°F
  • Low foam & odor and can be used for manual or automatic cleaning
  • Can be mixed with Remove ER products and used as one-step ink & stencil remover solution


  • Emulsifies for easy water rinsing and avoids formation of ghost images
  • High efficiency formula reduces product consumption
  • Universal performance reduces the need for multiple ink removers
  • Can be reapplied after stencil removal to reduce ghost images


Use a spatula to scrape excess ink from screen. Apply the product to squeegee side of screen. Use non-abrasive brush to scrub both sides of the screen until the ink is liquefied. Starting from the bottom, rinse ink residue from the screen with water.


Before using, refer to the appropriate Safety Data Sheets.

Technical Data Sheet

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ER2 - Emulsion Remover 2 Concentrate - One Quart

Perfect for spray on or in dip tank reclaim

  • Step 2 after ink removal using SAATI IR26 or other fine SAATI ink removers.
  • 32 ounce bottle makes five gallons when mixed with water.
  • 1 to 35 liquid concentrate with built-in degreaser.

Technical Data Sheet

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ER2 - Emulsion Remover - 5 oz bottle

Emulsion Remover Concentrate

Mix with water to make one gallon

MSDS & Technical Data Sheet

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