White Opacity on T-Shirts

Are you looking for better white ink opacity?

Many variables affect opacity, so it's easy to see why opinions vary so greatly.  

Brite White from WM Plastics is a perfect example of achieving excellent opacity. 

The shirt pictured was printed on an M&R automatic press using the following variable control:

  • Squeegee set to approximately 50 lbs.  Note: More can be less with regard to squeegee pressure.
  • Print base coat painfully slow utilizing SAATI HI-DRO 125 mesh and a 70/90/70 triple duro squeegee.
  • Print top coat using SAATI HI-DRO 158 mesh and a 75/90/75 triple duro squeegee.

For proper EOM, use a SAATI emulsion such as Textil PV, PHU HR or PHU MT.

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