Soft Hand NB

Soft Hand No Build Base I10-0111


  • Cotton, Poly/blends
  • Softens the hand
  • Can extend a color
  • Improve printing characteristics of an ink


  • Tack Free
  • Reduces tack in ink
  • Soft Hand
  • Clear
  • Curable by itself

General Info:

Soft Hand No Build base is a based designed to remove tack from ink, soften the final print, and used to extend inks.

Bleed Resistance: None

Opacity: None

Storage: Ideally 65 to 80 F. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Mesh: 60-280

Stencil: Any direct emulsion or capillary film.

Wet on Wet Printing: Improves wet-on-wet printability of colors.

PC: Max PC loading 15%. Always test for curing prior to production.

Modifications: Curable Reducer (I10-9906) to reduce viscosity

Flashing: 700ºF for 3-5 seconds, just enough for the surface to be tack free.

Squeegee Blade: Sharp.

Fusion/Curing: 325 F/160 C for 1 to 1 ½ minutes. Oven temperature can be increased and dwell time decreased. For heat presses use 390 F/195 C for 8 seconds.

Wash-up: Any plastisol cleaner.

Special Notes: PVC inks are thermoplastic compounds that require heat to fuse or cure. If ink rubs off on a white cloth or cracks, temperature and/or dwell time should be increased. Do not dry clean and always test on fabric to be printed.

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